3 Types of Inkjet Printers for Home Use

3 Types of Inkjet Printers for Home Use post thumbnail image

What exactly is an inkjet primera LX910 labels, anyway? Basically, an inkjet printer (also sometimes referred to as “inkjet photo printer”) is a very popular type of printer which uses inkjet technologies to print ink onto paper using a conventional ink cartridge. These kinds of printers are commonly connected to a computer via a USB cord or other wire (think: public library), and connected either remotely or locally to several other inkjet printers, photo printers, or other machines…all via a wireless network. Inkjet printers are pretty handy, and fairly inexpensive when compared to other printer technologies. However, their main drawbacks are that they’re incredibly slow, take up a lot of room on a desk, and require maintenance, which is often expensive and time-consuming.

So what’s the solution to these issues? Inkjet printers are great if you only print occasionally for home use (or in small quantities, say, when looking at making a family photo album), but for printing larger volumes of material, like printing a bound book, it would be wiser to buy a set of laser printers. The good news is that although inkjet printers are generally more expensive than laser printers (usually about $1000 for each main brand), they are often less expensive overall, depending upon how many cartridges you use and what brand you buy.

To start out, let’s compare the two main brands of inkjet printers – the Canon and Epson. Both use inkjet technologies, but the real difference between these are in the quality of the printer cartridges. The Canon brand uses a high quality pigment-based ink, which lasts longer and is more consistent than some of the cheaper brands. As far as printing capabilities, both are about the same. They’re both pretty good when it comes to putting a document together, although the Epson does slightly better with shading and color. However, either of these printers can handle printing photos (with sufficient paper) very well.

In comparison, we should look at the differences between the two ink jet printers – the HP at-home printer, the Lexmark. These use different cartridges, the former using graphite, and the later using ionized calcium ink. Graphite is known for its high ink yield, so the choice between the two is not difficult. The Lexmark also has a slightly higher in yield than the HP, although it has a shorter lasting printer cartridge. It has noticeably faster printing speeds and it also prints clearer.

There’s also a third choice – the instant ink printer. These are not true color printers, but rather black and white printers, which are a good deal more affordable than the typical color printers. They have very similar features as the other printers discussed above, and they work pretty well when it comes to printing. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you get a inkjet cartridge that fits the model number of the printer, as these do tend to be hard to find. If you do find them, the cost of an inkjet cartridge is much lower than that of a dye submersible cartridge.

So those are the three main types of inkjet printers for home use. The Scanner is used for taking digital photographs and scanning them into your computer. The Color and Instant printers are used for printing photos and scanning them, while the Larger printer performs both tasks.

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